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Jon Shier jon at jonshier.com
Thu Aug 4 13:23:35 CDT 2016

	Just wanted to point out that Apple’s forum software is pretty terrible, even after two (apparent) rewrites. It’s buggy, navigates differently from other forum software, doesn’t render code inline very well, and it doesn’t offer the integrations that Discourse does.


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>> But does it already surpass the limits?
>>> 	• There is a bandwidth limit of 100k monthly page views, equivalent to our Standard hosting plan.
>>> 	• If you exceed our bandwidth limit – which is very unlikely, unless your project is enormous – you have two options:
>>> 		• We’ll help you move to self-hosting, either on your own server or any Docker compatible cloud (a $20/month Digital Ocean droplet should suffice).
>>> 		• Upgrade to our Business hosting plan at 50% off.
>> I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s close if not passed 100k monthly views already. 
>> The big unknown is also around the mailing list support. Is it super robust and work as well for communicating as the mailing currently does? I don’t know. I’ve not been involved with large projects on discourse.
> Apple has a lot of money; I doubt being unable to go with the free option would be a big dealbreaker.
> It should probably be mentioned, though, that Apple already has a developer forum set up, and a server to run it on, and everything. Is there any reason they couldn’t just use that?
> Charles
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