[swift-evolution] [Swift4] Mailing list vs. Forum

Charles Srstka cocoadev at charlessoft.com
Wed Aug 3 18:52:40 CDT 2016

> On Aug 3, 2016, at 4:11 PM, David Owens II via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> But does it already surpass the limits?
>> 	• There is a bandwidth limit of 100k monthly page views, equivalent to our Standard hosting plan.
>> 	• If you exceed our bandwidth limit – which is very unlikely, unless your project is enormous – you have two options:
>> 		• We’ll help you move to self-hosting, either on your own server or any Docker compatible cloud (a $20/month Digital Ocean droplet should suffice).
>> 		• Upgrade to our Business hosting plan at 50% off.
> I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s close if not passed 100k monthly views already. 
> The big unknown is also around the mailing list support. Is it super robust and work as well for communicating as the mailing currently does? I don’t know. I’ve not been involved with large projects on discourse.

Apple has a lot of money; I doubt being unable to go with the free option would be a big dealbreaker.

It should probably be mentioned, though, that Apple already has a developer forum set up, and a server to run it on, and everything. Is there any reason they couldn’t just use that?


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