[swift-evolution] custom attribute in userland (annotation).

Axel Etcheverry axel at etcheverry.biz
Wed Jun 8 17:30:44 CDT 2016

Hello Swift Community,

This is my first proposal...

What do you think to add custom attributes in Swift?

Example of use: https://gist.github.com/euskadi31/2e15d21bc718b6f02f3497ad3e0a531d <https://gist.github.com/euskadi31/2e15d21bc718b6f02f3497ad3e0a531d>

For recovery of the attributes in the runtime, we could go through reflection or in the compilation phase and accessible via a property or method.

Best regards,
Axel Etcheverry
CTO at Kokoroe

Phone : +33(6) 84 15 57 52
Website : www.kokoroe.co <https://www.kokoroe.co/>

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