[swift-evolution] Name disambiguation of computed property/function with same type defined in extensions

Charlie Monroe charlie at charliemonroe.net
Tue Jun 7 07:09:16 CDT 2016

> We already have the concept of prefixing a type name with a module to disambiguate when two modules have the same type. I wonder if we could do the same thing to disambiguate between conflicting extensions?
> 	import ModuleA
> 	import ModuleB
> 	("hello world" as ModuleA.String).capitalized()	// Swift.String, with only APIs known to ModuleA
> 	("hello world" as ModuleB.String).capitalized()	// Swift.String, with only APIs known to ModuleB
> 	"hello world".capitalized()					// Still causes a compile-time error for ambiguity

This only introduces a new kind of ambiguity since you can have both ModuleA and ModuleB declare something like

class String {
	/// ...

And now you have no idea if ModuleA.String refers to Swift.String extension in ModuleA or class String in ModuleA.

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