[swift-evolution] Localization support for string interpolation

Daniel Höpfl daniel at hoepfl.de
Fri May 20 02:11:17 CDT 2016


On 29.04.16 05:31, Brent Royal-Gordon via swift-evolution wrote:
>> – Inserting a number into a sentence often requires adjusting other parts of the sentence (nouns, verbs, articles) to the number. And while English has only singular and plural, other languages distinguish more cases – up to six for Arabic.
>> – Inserting a name or noun into a sentence often requires adjusting other parts of the sentence to the gender of the person or noun. While in English gender usually is only reflected in pronouns, its impact is pervasive in some other languages.
>> – Formats for numbers and dates should be specified at a high enough level that they can be automatically translated by internationalization libraries. For example, don’t specify the order of year, month, day and the characters to be used around them; specify just whether you want to have a long or a short form and which components, and let an internationalization library handle the rest.
> This is all true, but it's also all handled by Foundation on Apple platforms and hopefully by Corelibs Foundation elsewhere. We ought to be able to hook into this existing machinery.

That's what I think, too: Let Foundation handle the "how to translate",
my proposal is just "syntactic sugar".

Since I did not see any more concerns about the proposal, I'd like to
push my proposal forward. Can anyone give me a hint what to do next?
Would sending a pull request be the next step? (The evolution readme
just says "Ideas should be thoroughly discussed on the swift-evolution
mailing list first." Have we reached this point?)

Thanks for your input,

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