[swift-evolution] Swift 3 and cross platform development

Michael Peternell michael.peternell at gmx.at
Thu May 12 10:42:18 CDT 2016


I've seen on the swift-evolution git repository README.md page that Portability is one of the design goals for Swift 3.

Does this mean that Swift 3 will be available and useful on Windows too? So that it could be used for cross platform app development on both Windows and OS X (and probably also Android)?

For example, will Swift 3 be able to interoperate with Objective-C on Windows (e.g. using GnuSTEP or the WinObjC bridge from Microsoft)? Maybe using WinObjC+Swift on Windows, GnuSTEP+Swift on Linux and Native-objc+Swift on OS X? Such an application could probably share very much code between different platforms.


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