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> That said, I’m not sure I understand the concrete use-cases.  When is this
> concept important?  When is “Self” not good enough?
> The only case where there is new functionality is when this is used in a
> protocol requirement.  I gave an example earlier today.
> This functionality is the key: Ability of an open (non-final) class to
> conform to a protocol that lets it return an instance of the conforming
> type (itself). Self does not work for that and we can’t change its behavior
> (or can we?) So one solution seems to be Matt’s proposal. This
> functionality is important for me and an example use case is class
> clusters. For the client code it is sealed and acts just like a final
> class, but internally it may return a subclass that is an implementation
> detail. We should be able to do this.

Help me understand this. Maybe an example will help. Why is it a problem to
return the subclass instead of the base class?

> Hooman
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