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Tue May 10 03:12:02 CDT 2016

Reactive programming is still catching on and evolving on the various platforms.Typically once you standardize something it must evolve drastically slower, so it works out better if mature technologies are pulled in.

I wouldn’t mind eventually seeing something analogous to http://www.reactive-streams.org in Swift. Reactive streams takes a step beyond most of the other reactive framework APIs and adds back pressure support. These API were driven by consensus between many projects on having a common base set of interfaces for implementation, and are being incorporated into the Java 9 release as well (as java.util.concurrent.Flow).

Right now I don’t think the various reactive programming libraries for objective-C and swift are close to having consensus on a baseline set of protocols, so I would imagine standardizing reactive programming would mean either picking a winner or adding yet another competitor to the mix.


> On May 10, 2016, at 1:41 AM, James Campbell via swift-evolution <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:
> With swift 3 around the corner, I wanted to propose some higher level focuses for version 4.
> My first suggestion is an official reactive library. Reactive programming has gained a huge amount of popularity especially with reactive cocoa and rxswift.
> Microsofts support of the original Rx library is a big help in this. 
> I believe the apple ecosystem would benefit from offering this same support to an official library, why?
> - RxSwift in particular is pushing the limits of the compiler and often crashes source kit. I believe if we had an official library we could have tighter feedback to the compiler team.
> - it would help address the complexities of async code without reinventing the wheel.
> - it could reduce app size. RxSwift is a large framework right now but I would imagine with the right system knowledge it could be refined and the API simplified with an official library.
> Let me know your thoughts
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