[swift-evolution] [Swift 4] Support an official reactive library

James Campbell james at supmenow.com
Tue May 10 02:41:04 CDT 2016

With swift 3 around the corner, I wanted to propose some higher level focuses for version 4.
My first suggestion is an official reactive library. Reactive programming has gained a huge amount of popularity especially with reactive cocoa and rxswift.
Microsofts support of the original Rx library is a big help in this. 
I believe the apple ecosystem would benefit from offering this same support to an official library, why?
- RxSwift in particular is pushing the limits of the compiler and often crashes source kit. I believe if we had an official library we could have tighter feedback to the compiler team.- it would help address the complexities of async code without reinventing the wheel.- it could reduce app size. RxSwift is a large framework right now but I would imagine with the right system knowledge it could be refined and the API simplified with an official library.
Let me know your thoughts
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