[swift-evolution] Trial balloon: conforming sizeof, sizeofValue, etc. to naming guidelines

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> I think this is a nice suggestion as well.
> Best,
> Josh
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> We all know and love sizeof(), but given that it's different from its C
> counterpart anyway, shouldn't these conform to Swift naming guidelines? In
> other words, after SE-0006, shouldn't these names be as follows?
> ```
> size<T>(of: T.Type)
> size<T>(ofValue: T)
> stride<T>(of: T.Type)
> stride<T>(ofValue: T)
> align<T>(of: T.Type)
> align<T>(ofValue: T)
> ```
> There are obvious issues with two different things named `stride`, but IMO
> that's best addressed by renaming one of them; the real problem is that the
> word stride is used in two different ways already. Thoughts?
> Seems reasonable to me.

Well, glad that it's uncontroversial. Here's a draft of a short proposal
then. Comments welcome:

Rename sizeof(_:) and related functions to follow API naming guidelines

   - Proposal: SE-NNNN
   - Author(s): Xiaodi Wu <https://github.com/xwu>
   - Status: Awaiting review
   - Review manager: TBD


With SE-0006
Standard Library APIs have been renamed to follow a set of naming
guidelines. However, sizeof(_:) and related functions do not follow these

Since sizeof(_:) behaves differently in any case from sizeof() in other
C-family languages, it makes sense to conform these functions to Swift
naming guidelines.

Swift-evolution thread: [link goes here]

The proposed solution is to rename sizeof(_:) and related functions as

func size<T>(of: T.Type)   // currently: sizeof<T>(_: T.Type)func
size<T>(ofValue: T)   // currently: sizeofValue<T>(_: T)func
stride<T>(of: T.Type) // currently: strideof<T>(_: T.Type)func
stride<T>(ofValue: T) // currently: strideofValue<T>(_: T)func
align<T>(of: T.Type)  // currently: alignof<T>(_: T.Type)func
align<T>(ofValue: T)  // currently: alignofValue<T>(_: T)


With the renaming proposed above, stride(of:) will appear to be related to
stride(from:to:by:). This conflict arises from a pre-existing issue;
namely, the term "stride" is used to mean two different things. Although
moving the preposition only highlights the issue, one possible resolution
is to rename strideof(_:) to strideSize(of:) and strideofValue(_:) to
on existing code

The proposed changes are as source-breaking for current code as the set of
changes implemented for SE-0006. During implementation, previous names can
be annotated as unavailable symbols to allow the proper Fix-Its to be
emitted by the compiler.
The alternative is to maintain current function names.
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