[swift-evolution] SE-0066 Reaction

Andrey Tarantsov andrey at tarantsov.com
Thu Apr 28 08:48:12 CDT 2016


I'm inserting these opinions into almost every FP discussion, for which I'm sorry, but I believe it's important to remind everyone that there's the rest of us who will run away from Swift if it becomes too FP-y.

> One of the things that I have noticed over the last year or so of working with Swift is a trend in the community of libriaries being written for Swift towards some of these "system semantics" (i.e., functional paradigms) like applicatives and such.

Just as an example of a different selection bias, I saw a couple of those, digged in for a little bit and then ran far, far away. I haven't seen any FP-related Swift libraries after that.

I absolutely don't have an impression that Swift has any affinity towards being functional. To me, it embraces mutability and higher-level object design aspects (like protocols) while taking only the bits of FP that are actually useful (e.g. collection methods).

I don't have any data, but I can bet that most software developers on iOS and Mac platforms welcome that, and don't really want the move towards FP.


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