[swift-evolution] Open Source version of "The Swift Programming Language"

Hugues Bernet-Rollande hugues at xdev.fr
Fri Apr 15 10:40:10 CDT 2016



Not sure this request fit the swift evolution mailing list, but it would be
great to have an open source (GitHub) version of the programming language
guide (https://swift.org/documentation/#the-swift-programming-language) in
order to suggest edit regarding validated evolution and/or edit on the current


Using branches matching evolution named could ease doc update and tag to
identify specific version evolution.


It will also facilitate any translation by homogenizing the guide structure,
like the ongoing chinese translation (https://github.com/numbbbbb/the-swift-


Markdown seem to be a good choice for the actual content, and folder structure
for the chapter.


It will also be a blast to be able to refer to some docs specific part (via
GitHub line selection feature) from others online resources (Stack Overflow,


Happy to kickstart the project if Apple don't want to own it, but still think
there is a benefits for the community.









hugues at xdev.fr



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