[swift-evolution] What about a VBA style with Statement?

Taras Zakharko taras.zakharko at uzh.ch
Wed Apr 13 10:40:32 CDT 2016

Because many APIs use configuration/partial initialisation patterns. Look at Metal for example. But I agree that most of the time, its not such a big deal.  

— Taras

> On 13 Apr 2016, at 17:34, Kurt Werle <kurt at circlew.org> wrote:
> I've always thought that the with construct is not a good idea.  It seems to me that the moment you want to use with it indicates that you are getting too much into some other classes business; shouldn't that class deal with this?  Why are you exposing/integrating so much of some other class's logic?  Maybe there should be a method that does all this, or maybe a custom struct that passes all the appropriate information...
> Yeah, there are exceptions - always.  But for the most part I'm not a fan.
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