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Note that += 1 and -= 1 compile to the same assembly as ++ and -- respectively
and therefore have identical performance.

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> Hello,
> I would like to share my opinion on -- and ++ operators...
> I think that ++ and — should stay and MUST be implemented as faster
> operations than += and -=.They have very specific job after all and that is
> the general understanding. If you fail to implement them as faster
> operators that will really look as major weakness of SWIFT development
> team. Swift is still too slow – try working with Arrays so having these
> faster operators that are very commonly used will be a plus. Another plus
> will be that you will not break tons of existing code. Breaking existing
> code is always considered as an architecture weakness and always have a
> negative impact on the whole developers community – take a look at
> Microsoft for example they often do that mistake…. Android on the other
> hand is till that moment always building over the old (however they make
> other mistakes [image: 😉]
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