[swift-evolution] ++ and --

Biala bialata at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 05:44:57 CDT 2016

I would like to share my opinion on -- and ++ operators...
I think that ++ and — should stay and MUST be implemented as faster operations than += and -=.They have very specific job after all and that is the general understanding. If you fail to implement them as faster operators that will really look as major weakness of SWIFT development team. Swift is still too slow – try working with Arrays so having these faster operators that are very commonly used will be a plus. Another plus will be that you will not break tons of existing code. Breaking existing code is always considered as an architecture weakness and always have a negative impact on the whole developers community – take a look at Microsoft for example they often do that mistake…. Android on the other hand is till that moment always building over the old (however they make other mistakes 
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