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David Turnbull dturnbull at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 13:11:17 CST 2016

Can you show some examples where and why you use not-Int types and this is
a problem? What you're suggesting will be a burden to those of us who need
bitwise optimizations or work with C APIs.

My last week was spent reading files with huffman coding. So I had no
choice but to use bitwise operations. My experience is that Swift got this
right (except for "truncatingBitPattern" taking up 25% of an 80 column

So my question is, "why are you not using Int?" There's plenty of use
cases, you just haven't stated yours so we can't understand why the current
system is failing you.

Safety does not mean you can easily write code that crashes once it is
> deployed….

var a = [Int](); a[0]=99

That was pretty easy. I don't buy into this argument. If you don't want an
out of bounds error, you either make sure you don't math your way out of
bounds or you check every time before you subscript. I don't see why an
integer conversion should be any different.

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