[swift-evolution] For discussion: Including source code alongside binaries

Maxim Veksler maxim at vekslers.org
Fri Feb 12 16:35:21 CST 2016

Hello everyone,

I would like to start a discussion on the possibility of enabling
compelling Swift binaries that embed the source code from which they've
been compiled.

The value of having source code embedded alongside the binary is  debugging
aid - A developer will be able to download 3rd party framework, include it
into his Xcode project and then drill down in a debug session into the
framework code, having Xcode showing him the source code from which the
current breakpoint instruction was built.

This feature exists in the java world where you can compile a Jar file,
having each .class contain it's .java counter part. I //think// it's stored
in this property
This allows opening the Jar of a target library in eclipse and instantly
seeing what the code is doing.

The alternatives today are either decompilers, or .dSYM both are good but
not great as each requires manually steps in either management or enforcing
corrects of the results.

Would the community be interested in such a "plug and play" approach for
attaching source code to build frameworks / applications / stand alone
binaries ?

Is it feasible to expect such a thing from native apps? if not, can it be
an Xcode level feature when only .packages (Framework/Application) will be
added support for shipping the .dSYM and Xcode will know to do the lifting
to make it just work for the developer?

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