[swift-evolution] When to use argument labels, part DEUX

Dave Abrahams dabrahams at apple.com
Mon Feb 8 14:55:30 CST 2016

on Mon Feb 08 2016, Radosław Pietruszewski <swift-evolution at swift.org> wrote:

> Dave,
> First of all, thank you for enduring our nitpicks and complaints and
> continuing to explore the subject :) I think we’re all better off for
> it, and getting closer to the solution with each iteration.
> You asked:
>> 1. I'm not expecting these guidelines to make everybody optimally happy,
>>   all the time, but they shouldn't be harmful.  Are there any cases for
>>   which they produce results you couldn't live with?
> And I think, by this standard, the guidelines you proposed seem to be
> a success. Looking through Doug’s diffs, I see a lot of method names
> that I don’t *love*, but I couldn’t find something I would hate.

That's great news!  Keep in mind, though, that Doug's results are just
the result of trying to approximate application of the guidelines by
using heuristics.  To do a complete evaluation also need to think about
what applying the guidelines will do to your own code.



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