[swift-evolution] Support for pure setters

Jessy Catterwaul mr.jessy at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 15:02:41 CST 2016

I do not agree about the implication. A property can be gotten, set, or both, in at least C#, where I used a ton of set-only properties.

Here is a large list of properties that are set-only:

Some of them require more than a single value, for setting. Tuple assignment or named subscripts are the best way I currently know to handle that. Having them be functions that begin with “set” and take arguments feels archaic and not specific enough, to me.

func setStencilFrontReferenceValue(frontReferenceValue: UInt32,
   backReferenceValue: UInt32
setStencilFrontReferenceValue(0, backReferenceValue: 1)


var stencilReferenceValues: (front: UInt32, back: UInt32) {set}
stencilReferenceValues = (front: 0, back: 1)

func setVertexSamplerState(sampler: MTLSamplerState?, atIndex index: Int)
setVertexSamplerState(someState, atIndex 0)


subscript vertexSamplerState(index: Int): MTLSamplerState? {set}
vertexSamplerState[0] = someState

The former options, I feel are not Swift, but C masquerading as Swift.

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> Subject:[swift-evolution] Support for pure setters
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> > Joe, to attempt to set foo.x doesn’t make sense. If foo cannot be gotten, a property of it will be inaccessible for getting or setting.
> > 
> > Set-only properties are always computed, and only used via assignment.
> > 
> > e.g. foo = value
> I understand that. If that's all you're allowed to do with a set-only property, then this is just sugar over 'setFoo(value)', and I think the sugar implies you could do more with 'foo' than you really can. I don't think it's worth the complexity.
> -Joe
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