[swift-evolution] [Proposal] Partial initializers

Matthew Johnson matthew at anandabits.com
Thu Jan 14 22:08:11 CST 2016

I have completed the second draft of my partial initializers proposal (the first really complete draft). 

This proposal also includes some discussion of memberwise initialization at John McCall’s request.  If anyone would like to continue discussing that topic informally I will be happy to do so, however any such discussion should happen on one of the existing memberwise initialization threads or on a new thread related to that topic.  Please do not let that section of the document be a distraction from the partial initializer proposal itself.

The new draft can be found here:

https://github.com/anandabits/swift-evolution/blob/partial-initializers/proposals/NNNN-partial-initializers.md <https://github.com/anandabits/swift-evolution/blob/partial-initializers/proposals/NNNN-partial-initializers.md>

I really appreciate any feedback you have!

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