[swift-evolution] JIT compilation and execution

Joseph Bell joe at iachieved.it
Mon Dec 28 18:47:52 CST 2015


Long time listener, first time poster.  I've scanned through the last few
weeks of posts to swift-evolution and didn't come across anything that
appeared to address this, so I thought I would ask.  If it has come up
please let me know!

I'm sure most are familiar with building Python applications using
__init__.py and organizing module code in subdirectories and then importing
the code.  Likewise, you can use a flat structure and have everything in a
top-level namespace, importing class definitions with something along the
lines of

from Foo import Foo
from Bar import Bar

f = Foo()
b = Bar()

Once this is executed there are Foo.pyc and Bar.pyc files littered in your

Is there a plan for Swift to evolve into a language that can also perform
JIT compilation/execution, in the same manner that running a single swift
file (with no imports to local code) works today?  Quite frankly I am
looking forward to a day when I no longer have to deal with languages that
define blocks through whitespace indentation.

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