[swift-evolution] Proposal: standard logging facility

Alexander Kolov me at alexkolov.com
Sat Dec 5 13:24:07 CST 2015

Hi everyone,

Coming from a short discussion in swift-corelibs-dev, I’m investigating the need of a standard logging API as a part of core libraries.

The motivation behind this would be having a unified and configurable set of APIs between all first-party modules and third party applications and libraries.
I think this will help each of us since right now we’re inventing our own solutions as well many bigger third-party library providers have formats and facilities of their own.

As I currently see it would be somewhat similar to python logging and possibly even structlog (http://www.structlog.org/en/stable/ <http://www.structlog.org/en/stable/>), with configurable formatters and handlers, including and not limited to remote loggers and syslog support.

I’d love to hear your opinions and feedback on this and possibly start with some more formalized proposal and implementation if there’s enough support and need.


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