[swift-dev] Call for help: Linux (and others) build configurations, including static libraries, with ICU.

Davide Italiano dccitaliano at gmail.com
Thu May 25 19:45:34 CDT 2017

On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 5:41 PM, Michael Ilseman <milseman at apple.com> wrote:
> That would be awesome! Do you use the static stdlib configuration?
> I had to make assumptions about the type of pthread_key_t. If the type is wrong, there’s a nice static_assert with a message telling how to fix it. This came up yesterday for Android builds, and fixes are pretty straight forward: https://github.com/apple/swift/pull/9930/files

>From a very quick (non-exhaustive) look I see pthread_key_t defined in
freebsd sys/ as:

`typedef int     pthread_key_t;`

Is this compliant with your definition?



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