[swift-dev] How to create my first pull request

Pavol Vaskovic pali at pali.sk
Mon Mar 27 15:10:12 CDT 2017


I’d like to create my first full request (as requested by Jordan Rose in
SR-4373 <https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-4373>), but I didn’t find enough
information about how to proceed on the Swift’s Contributing page, nor
during my googling.

I am not very familiar with git/github outside of browsing and checking out

So far I have completed the "Getting Started” steps:
* checked out the swift-source
* got it to compile on my machine (debug and release)
* manually ran benchmark suite (filed SR-4357
<https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-4357>, BTW what does SR for?)

Now the Contributing to Swift guide
<https://swift.org/contributing/#contributing-code> left me hanging dry. I
don’t understand what should I do now.

I think I should fork the apple/swift project on GitHub.It looks like the
update-checkout script can be configured using update-checkout-config.json…
is this where I point it to my fork?

I guess I should create a branch where I’ll develop my changes and then
create a pull request from there? (I’ve skimmed

Can somebody point me to more detailed documentation or tell me how should
I proceed? Thanks!

Best regards
Pavol Vaskovic
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