[swift-dev] Local unit test failures

Brian King brianaking at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 07:59:15 CDT 2017

Hey Folks,
I'm a bit stumped with some unit test failures that only occur on my
machine, and was hoping someone had some clues. They occur with fresh
checkouts of all of the repositories, and I'm running the latest Xcode beta
on 10.12.3. Swift builds fine, but when I run the tests with the default
`utils/build-script --test`, there are a bunch of failures with the tests
explicitly unwrapping and crashing, as well as a few crashes calling
_swift_release_dealloc from inside of `===`.

Any idea what the problem could be? I'm not sure how I could break
something so specific without any local changes.

Here's some log output:

Any help would be great. Not being able to trust my unit tests locally has
been a bit un-nerving!

Brian King
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