[swift-dev] Swift Infrastructure Holiday Schedule

Nicole Jacque nicole_jacque at apple.com
Tue Dec 20 15:43:46 CST 2016

Greetings Everyone! 

In the next couple weeks, most of the people who do the day to day maintenance of the continuous integration bots and infrastructure will be on vacation in observance of the various (US) winter holidays.  In order to keep the builds stable while the maintainers are out on break, we will be observing the following schedule for availability and maintenance of the Swift Open Source infrastructure and associated repositories:

Dec. 23  - Jan 2 — No build/infrastructure support.  We will lock the master branch (swift, swift-package-manager, swift-llbuild, swift-corelibs-foundation, swift-corelibs-dispatch) to prevent potential destabilizing changes.  Pull requests can still be worked on and tested, however you will not be able to merge them during this time.  We will lock the branch some time around midnight on the 22nd through midnight on the 2nd, Pacific time.
Jan. 3 - onward -  CI support as usual

Happy Holidays!
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