[swift-dev] R_ARM_GOT_PREL error when building Swift on Pi from source

Timothy Wood tjw at omnigroup.com
Tue Apr 19 20:03:53 CDT 2016

> On Apr 17, 2016, at 11:33 PM, Timothy Wood via swift-dev <swift-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> I might try again tomorrow updating to a newer clang build, or maybe I should just wave the white flag and rewrite my tiny codebase in C++ instead of trying to use Swift here, and wait for it to be a bit more stable/supported.

FWIW, last night I tried taking the current swift-llvm swift-2.2.branch and cherry picking your ARM_REL32/GOT_PREL patch atop it. This got *much* further through the build, but eventually failed while building the  Swift standard library:

swift: /home/pi/Source/Swift/llvm/include/llvm/ADT/PointerIntPair.h:114: void llvm::PointerIntPair<swift::ProtocolConformance *, 2, swift::ConformanceKind, llvm::PointerLikeTypeTraits<swift::ProtocolConformance *> >::setPointerAndInt(PointerTy, IntType) [PointerTy = swift::ProtocolConformance *, IntBits = 2, IntType = swift::ConformanceKind, PtrTraits = llvm::PointerLikeTypeTraits<swift::ProtocolConformance *>]: Assertion `(PtrWord & ~PointerBitMask) == 0 && "Pointer is not sufficiently aligned"' failed.
1.	While type-checking 'EnumerateSequence' at /home/pi/Source/Swift/swift/stdlib/public/core/Algorithm.swift:192:8
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.


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