[swift-dev] What's the best way to handle failing SourceKit tests?

Argyrios Kyrtzidis kyrtzidis at apple.com
Tue Apr 12 12:40:03 CDT 2016

Confirm that the source text printed out at the beginning is as you expect. It is highly unlikely your changes caused something wrong with the offsets, so if the source text is fine it should be good to update the expected output.
If the offsets changed without the source text changing, then we have an issue with the offsets.

> On Apr 11, 2016, at 7:55 PM, Michael Buckley via swift-dev <swift-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently working on SR-1115, adding initializers to Int and Uint to convert from UnsafePointer, and after making my changes, the SourceKit/DocSupport/doc_swift_module.swift tests are failing. (Failures attached).
> Presumably this is because the new initializers affect the SourceKit mappings, but unfortunately, it looks like most of the changes are to key offsets, and while most of the offsets have increased by 115, not all of them have, and I'm not even sure increasing the offsets by 115 is the correct change. I could just make the test pass by increasing the offsets as shown in the test failure, I'm worried that this could end up creating an invalid test case, which in the worst case could hide SourceKit problems in the future.
> Since any changes to the standard library probably affect these tests, I was wondering what the best way to resolve these failures is. Thanks.
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