[swift-dev] Developing Swift in Xcode

Kenny Leung kenny_leung at pobox.com
Wed Mar 16 15:54:44 CDT 2016

This is working for me now using

    utils/build-script -x — —reconfigure

It takes over an hour to build because it doesn’t seem to be as parallel as the ninja build (less than 3x parallel vs 8x parallel).

The resulting project doesn’t work in Xcode 7.2.1, but works fine in Xcode 7.3 beta. I can just go cmd-R and it runs! Thanks for the pointers!

There are about a million warnings about losing integer precision. Are these expected?


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>>>> Hi Ben.
>>>> Argghh!
>>>> Question: why generate Xcode project files that don’t build?
>>> Historically the project generated by -X had many fewer schemes and was
>>> much faster to open in the editor if you didn’t actually need to build
>>> (because you were building with ninja for example).  I don’t know if
>>> that’s still relevant or not.
>> For me the confusion comes from the phrasing of the text in the
>> "Developing Swift in Xcode" [1] part of the README. It says:
>>> you can set up an IDE-only Xcode environment using the build-script's -X flag
>> Perhaps rather than IDE it should say text-editor or something to that
>> effect. Whenever I hear or read IDE I kind of expect an integrated text
>> and compiler integration. Though maybe that's just me.
>> [1] https://github.com/apple/swift#developing-swift-in-xcode
> I just removed the -X flag completely in c43943d. It shouldn't be necessary any more. (Xcode will not autocreate schemes if the number of targets is extremely high.)
> Jordan
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