[swift-dev] Want to Contribute in Swift

Manish Bisht manish.bisht490 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 11:33:16 CST 2016

Hello Developers,

I am Manish Bisht. I am in second year of my engineering in Information
Technology. I want to provide the code for Swift. I have created many
projects outside of my college projects. You can see all at https
<https://github.com/manishbisht>:// <https://github.com/manishbisht>
github.com <https://github.com/manishbisht>/manishbisht
<https://github.com/manishbisht>. I am familiar with many languages some of
them are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++, Java, and I am
currently learning Python also.

Also apart from my college hours i have also started my own startup with
Run4Offers (http:// <http://www.run4offers.com/>www.run4offers.com/

I have also interested in Graphics Designing also. I have the knowledge of
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In Design. I have created many
images of various festivals for my College Entrepreneurship Cell(TOPAZ).

This is all about about me.

I am new to open source communities. I want to work on the projects
that can make world wide impact which Swift does. So I have selected
Swift and want to start contributing to it. Can anyone please help me
in contributing to Swift.

Hope to see you soon :)

Thanks :)

Manish Bisht
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