[swift-corelibs-dev] Got some fatalErrors when running TestFoundation target

Simon Evans si at si.org
Tue Jun 20 00:58:02 CDT 2017

The issue looks to be the TZDIR (Time zoneinfo directory) has changed between 10.12 and 10.13

On 10.12 (Sierra), /usr/include/tzfile.h defines:
$ grep TZDIR /usr/include/tzfile.h 
#ifndef TZDIR
#define TZDIR	"/usr/share/zoneinfo" /* Time zone object file directory */
#endif /* !defined TZDIR */

But when compiling with the beta its defined as:

$ grep TZDIR /Applications/Xcode-beta.app//Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/usr/include/tzfile.h
#ifndef TZDIR
#define TZDIR	"/var/db/timezone/zoneinfo" /* Time zone object file directory */
#endif /* !defined TZDIR */

Which fails to since its pointing in the wrong place. A quick workaround is to just hardcode the TZDIR in CoreFoundation//NumberDate.subproj/CFTimeZone.c. A better workaround is maybe find out which os version the test is running on and set it dynamically.

> On 20 Jun 2017, at 04:23, Zhu Shengqi via swift-corelibs-dev <swift-corelibs-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi guys, I want to contribute to swift-corelibs-foundation, but I met some problems when testing my code. I got some fatalErrors ( e.g. in test_gettingDatesOnGregorianCalendar(), TimeZone(identifier: "UTC") returns a nil before being unwrapped). Do you have the same problems?
> I'm using Xcode 9 beta and have tried both swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2017-06-19-a-osx and swift-4.0-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2017-06-12-a-osx (which swift snapshot should I use btw?).
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