[swift-corelibs-dev] JIRA workflow: "Resolved" -> "Verify"?

Jordan Rose jordan_rose at apple.com
Mon Aug 15 12:08:46 CDT 2016

Hi, swift-dev et al (but especially Ted). I’ve recently noticed that our JIRA workflow has been a bit confusing. We currently have five “statuses":

1. Opened: This bug has been filed.
2. In Progress: Someone is actively working on this bug. (Not everyone has been bothering to set this, but it seems reasonable to have.)
3. Resolved: A fix has been merged to master.
4. Closed: The fix has been verified by the reporter.
5. Reopened: The “fix" doesn’t actually fix the reporter’s problem.

The problem is that the “Resolved” and “Closed” statuses aren’t really distinguished on the site itself—it’s unclear for a contributor which one they’re supposed to use when they get something merged, and it’s unclear for the reporter what they’re supposed to say. Therefore, I suggest changing the “Resolved” status to “Verify” (like we use in Radar) and the “Resolve Issue” button to “Mark Resolved”.

(There are other things unspecified here, such as how to track what release a fix gets into, or what the story is for the Assignee field, but we can discuss those later.)

What do you think?
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