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Rob Allen rob at akrabat.com
Fri May 13 12:33:18 CDT 2016

Hi all,

> On 13 May 2016, at 18:01, Tony Parker via swift-corelibs-dev <swift-corelibs-dev at swift.org> wrote:
> Hi David,
>> On May 11, 2016, at 4:02 PM, David Hart via swift-corelibs-dev <swift-corelibs-dev at swift.org <mailto:swift-corelibs-dev at swift.org>> wrote:
>> Hello people,
>> I wanted to start giving a hand on corelibs-foundation but hit two obstacles I’d like to discuss:

This is good timing as I'm planning on seeing if I can contribute to corelibs-foundation on the grounds that it may be at my ability level! 

>> I tried downloading the master branch of corelibs-foundation and running the tests before starting any work, but several of them crashed or failed. I am on OS X, Xcode 7.3.1, up to date on the master branches of corelibs-foundation and corelibs-xctest and am using the latest development snapshot. For reference, the failing tests are:
>> TestNSString.test_initializeWithFormat3
>> TestNSTask.test_pipe_stderr
>> TestNSTask.test_pipe_stdout_and_stderr_same_pipe
>> TestNSTask.test_passthrough_environment
>> TestNSTask.test_no_environment
>> TestNSTask.test_custom_environment
>> TestNSUserDefaults.test_createUserDefaults
>> TestNSUserDefaults.test_getRegisteredDefaultItem
>> TestNSXMLDocument.test_xpath
>> Any ideas? Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.
> Our CI system only builds and tests corelibs-foundation on Linux, so perhaps some regressions have snuck in on OS X only (which is interesting if true).
> NSTask in particular has been under a lot of changes for Linux recently.

I've hit this too - I'll try and raise issues over the weekend for them if I can. 

My plan is to start by writing unit tests if only get a feel for how all the project fits together. Building and testing on Linux is so slow due to the lack of incremental builds that starting with OS X seemed logical.  I thought it was a problem at my end though when the tests failed on OS X.
Is there a reason why corelibs-foundation isn't build for OS X by the CI system?



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