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Sorry I haven't been following the evolution process very closely: will prefixes be dropped from the SDK overlays? In other words: will Apple XCTest's "XCTestCase", when used from Swift, be named "TestCase"?

I ask because the primary goal of swift-corelibs-xctest is to allow developers to write one set of tests that will seamlessly work on all platforms. So I think corelibs-xctest will continue to use whatever names Apple XCTest uses--after all, it would be a pain if developers had to write:
#if os(Darwin)class MyTestCase: XCTestCase {#elseclass MyTestCase: TestCase {    // ...}
- Brian Gesiak
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Subject: [swift-corelibs-dev] Changing the name of XCTest* to Test*
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Hi Everyone,

I posted something along these lines a couple of weeks back, but I wanted to raise it more formally:

Given that the standard for Swift classes is to not include prefixes, I’d love to see (and contribute to) the “XC” being dropped from XCTest. 

I’d propose that it’s important/core enough to warrant changing from “XCTestCase” to “Swift.TestCase" (et al) or something very similar.

What are people’s thoughts on this?


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