[swift-users] status of SR-755

Kelvin Ma kelvin13ma at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 17:32:27 CST 2017

It’s been like a year since SR-755 <https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-755>
was filed and linux crash logs still look like this.

Current stack trace:
0    libswiftCore.so                    0x00007f39facaf0f0
_swift_stdlib_reportFatalError + 171
1    libswiftCore.so                    0x00007f39fac549cf <unavailable> +
2    libswiftCore.so                    0x00007f39fa9b3acb <unavailable> +
3    libswiftCore.so                    0x00007f39fac0b691 <unavailable> +
4    libswiftCore.so                    0x00007f39fa9b3acb <unavailable> +

i don’t think any other bug in the compiler is as annoying as this one,
because it literally affects debugging every Swift program. is this ever
going to get fixed?
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