[swift-users] About Swift Package Manager and LLDB

Johannes Weiß johannesweiss at apple.com
Mon Nov 6 12:23:38 CST 2017

Hi Fadi,

Just two questions:
- did you compile & run this program on the same machine or not? (the .swiftmodule files and others are needed for LLDB)
- did you use your Linux distro's lldb or the one that comes with the Swift toolchain? (you'll need the very LLDB that comes with the Swift compiler you used (next to swiftc) IIRC)

-- Johannes

> On 6 Nov 2017, at 8:43 am, ⁨‫Fadi Botros‬ ‫ via swift-users⁩ <⁨swift-users at swift.org⁩> wrote:
> I'm interested in doing Web Application using Swift and promoting this to be a trend someday.
> But I couldn't find a way to debug web apps without using Xcode
> This is irrelevant because web applications are mainly on Linux, so what if we want to do remote debugging ?
> I tried using the SPM, and when I try to compile a Kitura or Perfect app then try to debug it, it gives me this
> (lldb) po print(self)
> warning: Swift error in module <moduleName>.
> Debug info from this module will be unavailable in the debugger.
> error: in auto-import:
> failed to get module '<SomeModuleName>' from AST context
> I'm using macOS Sierra (sorry didn't have time to upgrade), with Swift 4 that comes with Xcode 9
> Also tried the same experiment on Xubuntu using Swift 4 debian package provided on swift.org itself
> The only succeeded way is to generate an xcodeproj and compile it, this is irrelevant because it is only macOS, while servers are Linux.
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