[swift-users] About Swift Package Manager and LLDB

‫Fadi Botros‬ ‫ botros_fadi at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 10:40:11 CST 2017

I'm interested in doing Web Application using Swift and promoting this to be a trend someday.But I couldn't find a way to debug web apps without using XcodeThis is irrelevant because web applications are mainly on Linux, so what if we want to do remote debugging ?
I tried using the SPM, and when I try to compile a Kitura or Perfect app then try to debug it, it gives me this
(lldb) po print(self)
warning: Swift error in module <moduleName>.
Debug info from this module will be unavailable in the debugger.

error: in auto-import:
failed to get module '<SomeModuleName>' from AST context
I'm using macOS Sierra (sorry didn't have time to upgrade), with Swift 4 that comes with Xcode 9Also tried the same experiment on Xubuntu using Swift 4 debian package provided on swift.org itself
The only succeeded way is to generate an xcodeproj and compile it, this is irrelevant because it is only macOS, while servers are Linux.
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