[swift-users] Swift 4.0 LLDBFrontend Crash

Edward Connell ewconnell at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 13:53:06 CDT 2017

While trying to debug a Netlib function, LLDB is crashing

I'm not sure what this assert means.

(anonymous namespace)::SourceAccess (anonymous
Assertion `isa<AllocStackInst>(address) || isa<SILUndef>(address)' failed.*
*Stack dump:*
*0. While running pass #10 SILModuleTransform ""Access Enforcement

It fails every time and the same way in several functions, but not all
I tried to create a simple repro with the same function signature, but I
can't get the simple case to fail.
A debug build isn't doing whole-module-optimization, so that's not it

Ideas anyone?

Who owns the LLDBFrontend?

Thanks, Ed
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