[swift-users] Where CodingKey protocol is implemented on swift source code

Itai Ferber iferber at apple.com
Wed Oct 4 17:21:41 CDT 2017

Hi Solli,

`CodingKey` conformance for `enum`s is synthesized by the compiler given 
certain rules — you can see mention of this in the [Codable 
[search for `public protocol CodingKey`].
If you’re interested in specific implementation for how the compiler 
does this, you can refer to 

Happy to answer any questions on this you might have.

— Itai

On 4 Oct 2017, at 14:50, Solli Honorio via swift-users wrote:

> Studying "Codable.swift" and "JSONEncoder.swift" to understand how 
> decoding
> works under the hood, I got confused about how CodingKey is 
> implemented for
> 'enum'. Shouldn't have an extension of RawRepresentable to implement 
> the
> CodingKey protocol?
> This is the answer I'm looking for, how the CodingKey protocol is
> implemented on enum?
> I appreciate any help, tks
> Solli Honorio
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