[swift-users] How to resolve "type(of: instance)" being shadowed by "instance.type"?

Glen Huang heyhgl at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 00:10:04 CDT 2017

I have a class like this:

class File {
   type: FileType
   url: URL
   func fetch(from server: Server) {
       type(of: server).get(from: url)

However, it fails to compile with "Cannot call value of non-function type ‘File’” inside the body of fetch(from:). I believe the reason is that self.type shadows  type(of: server).

Other than renaming the “type” property, is there any other way to work around it? I tried "Foundation.type(of: server)” and found out that it’s from the standard library and not Foundation. Is there a prefix that denotes the standard library?

A more general question, since this is clearly a function call, why would it be shadowed by self.type, which is clearly a property access?

I’m using Swift 4 in Xcode 9.


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