[swift-users] StringProtocol - Do not declare new conformances?

Braden Scothern bradenscothern at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 17:18:39 CDT 2017

I am new to the Swift email lists so if this is in the wrong email list I
am sorry and please redirect me...

Where I work we are writing a C library for cross platform development on
iOS, Android, and Ubuntu. Part of what I do with this library is wrap it in
Swift. We have a string type that should conform to StringProtocol, we only
need to implement a few more pieces and it will have that functionality.
The issue is that the StringProtocol has this statement for its
documentation overview:

"Do not declare new conformances to StringProtocol. Only the String and
Substring types of the standard library are valid conforming types."

So which email list should I be pushing back on to have this statement on
StringProtocol reconsidered and should we just conform to it anyways once
we finish having all of the support required?
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