[swift-users] Can't convert to the latest version of Swift because can't find framework module

Bill Cheeseman wjcheeseman at comcast.net
Fri Aug 25 11:17:46 CDT 2017

I have a small macOS application with an embedded framework, both written in Swift. Each has its own Xcode project in separate locations on my Mac, and I use an Xcode workspace to develop and build both at once. I do not use CocoaPods or Carthage. My application and framework build and run successfully.

When I try to convert to the latest version of Swift using the Xcode conversion command, it fails with a "no such module" error for the framework.

My online research shows that "no such module" errors have been plaguing developers who use embedded frameworks for several years. A dozen or more solutions have been suggested online, and they apparently work in some contexts but not in others. None of them work for me.

Has anybody successfully run the Xcode Swift conversion command with an embedded framework and everything written in Swift? If so, can you spell out the key setup features that made it work for you?


Bill Cheeseman - wjcheeseman at comcast.net

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