[swift-users] Simultaneous accesses, but modification requires exclusive access

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I am having trouble with the below mentioned code.

It crashes in Xcode 9.0 beta 3 (9M174d) but doesn’t crash in Xcode 8.3.3 (8E3004b)

Observations in Xcode 9:
- When Car is changed into a struct and test is made to be mutating, it doesn’t crash
- When Helper is changed to class, it doesn’t crash
- In Helper, when doSomething is changed to be non-mutating, it doesn’t crash

- Is there a bug in my code which is being detected in Xcode 9 ? If so could you please explain and suggest an alternate approach / fix ?
- Is this occurring because class doesn’t have the concept of mutating but struct does and passing one’s function into the other causes this ?


struct Helper {
    var v1 = 10
    mutating func doSomething(f1: () -> ()) {

class Car {
    var helper = Helper()
    func test() {
        helper.doSomething(f1: f1)
    func f1() {
        _ = helper.v1 //Crash - Simultaneous accesses to <memory address>, but modification requires exclusive access.

var car = Car()


Simultaneous accesses to <memory address1>, but modification requires exclusive access.
Previous access (a modification) started at SimultaneousAccess`Car.test() + 65 (<memory address2>).

- Tested by creating macOS command line application and iOS application (Simulator)

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