[swift-users] What is up with names not being Strings any more in Swift 4?

Manfred Schubert dev at schubert-it.com
Mon Jul 17 10:20:41 CDT 2017

Why are names no longer Strings any more in Swift 4? I am all for type safety, but now things like

NSImage(named: "Icon.png")


NSImage(named: NSImage.Name(rawValue: "Icon.png"))


NSWindowController(windowNibName: "Window")


NSWindowController(windowNibName: NSNib.Name(rawValue: "Window").

What does this contrived way of wrapping a String into something else gain in me in safety in exchange for this longer and more difficult to read code? For me a "name" is a prime example of a String. If a name isn't one, then nothing is.

One place where this makes a lot of sense to have is binding, and there is now NSBindingName. But how do I create a binding name for a property in a way that the compiler can check for validity? I only see the constructor from rawValue (String), but if I only create the binding name from a String I gain nothing in security.

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