[swift-users] Maintaining the contact information in CONTRIBUTORS.txt file

Alex Blewitt alblue at apple.com
Mon Jul 3 03:54:26 CDT 2017

From https://swift.org/CONTRIBUTORS.txt <https://swift.org/CONTRIBUTORS.txt> on the website (which is I presume the one you're referring to):
Names below this line are automatically generated from the repository logs.  It contains the information about the committer that was publicly present when the commit was made.
So the information is periodically regenerated from the git commit data associated with the changes. Since the git commit history is immutable, you can't go back and retroactively replace existing e-mail addresses with other ones, even if that e-mail server is no longer valid.

I don't know who is responsible for re-generating that list; but I suspect when it is regenerated, any such local changes are overwritten in any case.

So as soon as you next commit with a new e-mail address, it will be appended to the existing list the next time it's run.


> On 3 Jul 2017, at 08:35, swiftlover swiftlover via swift-users <swift-users at swift.org> wrote:
> Each contributor is responsible for adding his or her name to the CONTRIBUTORS.txt file at the project’s root and maintaining the contact information.
> How can I update my email (mail server that I used was shut down)?
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