[swift-users] the pain of strings

David Baraff davidbaraff at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 20:11:28 CDT 2017

> On Jun 30, 2017, at 6:06 PM, Kyle Murray <kyle_murray at apple.com> wrote:
> Hi David,
> You can see the new APIs for Swift 4's String here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/swift/string?changes=latest_minor <https://developer.apple.com/documentation/swift/string?changes=latest_minor>wow, that’s awesome — i never knew you could get a diff view.  good stuff!!

I’ve written the more common new swift 4 functions i need as extensions in my project so i can write swift 4 syntax while waiting for xcode 9 to become stable/safe enough for use.

Thanks, this was all super-helpful for me.  Looking forward to the Substring API, quite a bit.

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