[swift-users] swift package manager sources as symbolic links

Rick Summerhill rrsum at summerhill.org
Fri Jun 30 11:01:32 CDT 2017

I have an application using only swift source code that works fine on mac osx.  It is a UI app and I’d like to create a command line version separate from UI version.  I’ve also separated the model code into a separate framework and linked it to the UI version.  I’d like to use that framework code in the command line version.

To do that, I’ve created a package (using the Swift Package Manager on osx) corresponding to the framework whose sources are copied to the package sources directory.  The command line version works fine under that scenario.  However, in order to only have to maintain a single set of source code, I’d like to change the copied files to symbolic links to the framework source code (symbolic because the source may sit on a separate device). When I do that, the package library builds fine, but when I build the command line program, it fails with the error message

    the package <package name> contains no modules
    fix: create at least one module

Am I doing something wrong here or can one just not use symbolic links?



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