[swift-users] Associatedtype Naming Conventions

Steven Brunwasser sbrunwasser at gmail.com
Wed May 31 18:01:06 CDT 2017


I have a library which uses a few generic protocols with identically named
associated types that may not always be specified identically by

protocol Foo {
associatedtype Container
associatedtype Element

protocol Bar {
associatedtype Container
associatedtype Element

struct Baz: Foo, Bar {
// Implement using two different Container/Element types.

Is there a consensus on some naming convention for associatedtypes to
mitigate name collisions?
Would it be acceptable to add namespace prefixes to these types?

protocol Foo {
associatedtype FooContainer
associatedtype FooElement

I’m using the dictionary and thesaurus to find some alternative names I
could use, but the ones already used are so the most sensical semantically.

Do you have any suggestions?

- Steve Brunwasser
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