[swift-users] override-like keyword for default implementations

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>> There is not.
>> At some point in the future, I believe the plan is to eventually allow
>> default implementations to be written in-line within the protocol
>> declaration itself. In other words, the fact that default implementations
>> currently must appear in extensions, is a temporary limitation that has not
>> yet been a priority to address.
> Very interested, why do you have this impression? I didn't see this idea
> in the list previously(probably I just missed it). I strongly believe there
> can't be such 'plan'.

It has come up sporadically over the years, dating back I think to the old
Dev Forums before Swift was open-sourced. Best I can find with a quick
search of the Evolution list is this message
early 2016 where Chris Lattner wrote, “This is a desired feature, but a
surprising amount of implementation effort blocks “just doing it”.”

So my understanding is that, while it may not be plan-of-record *per se*,
it is certainly on the radar.

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