[swift-users] Swift localisation, percentage sign escaping

Adam Sutcliffe adam at peak.net
Thu May 11 04:44:56 CDT 2017


I've been having an issue with a localised string,, one of which has a
percentage sign in it:

"GAMERANK_5_DESC" = "Wow! You're racing ahead. Only 5%% of our users get

the key is built as such:

Obj-c : NSString *key = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"GAMERANK_%@_DESC"

Swift: let key = "GAMERANK_\(rank)_DESC"

Then localised with the same macro:  NSLocalizedString(key, @"");

The output is different though:

Obj- C = "Wow! You're racing ahead. Only 5% of our users get here!"
Swift = "Wow! You're racing ahead. Only 5%% of our users get here!"

Is this a bug in the swifts localisation parsing? Does the percentage sign
not need to be escaped in Swift?



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